Requirements for customers at desk:

  •  For the purchase or sale of foreign currency, the National Identity Booklet (DNI / LE / LC )
     has to be presented pursuant to the provisions of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.  

  •  Foreigners: Personal Identity Card neighboring countries / Passport.

Documentation – Records of Regular Customers:

    Natural Persons:

  •  Photocopy of National identity Booklet

  •  Certificate of Tax ID number (CUIL/CUIT)

  •  Record of signature

  •  Customer Profile

  •  Affidavit of source and legality of funds

  •  Supporting documentation to determine the reasonability of the operations volume

    Artificial Persons:

  •  Tax ID Number (CUIT)

  •  Bylaws/ Corporate Agreement

  •  Last Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors and minutes of the Meeting

  •  Photocopy of the National Identity Booklet of the President/Managing Partner or Agent

  •  Photocopy of the existing power of attorneys in force

  •  Record of signature

  •  Affidavit of source and legality of funds

  •  Customer Profile

  •  Last three Balance sheets certified by Public Accountant and legalized by the Professional Board of Economic Sciences

    In case of doubts as regards requirements or operative limits in exchange amounts contact us.